List Building for Profit

The first one is JV giveaways.

JV giveaways haven’t changed much as far as public JV giveaways go. You can go to anytime you want and jump in on any JV giveaways.But what has surfaced since 2011 is something called the private giveaway.

There are a lot of little private giveaways taking place that you can be part of all over the internet.You can go to people who are just as big as you are online, and even bigger, and start a private JV giveaway with them.

What I mean is you can get 5 to 10 or more peope in on a private giveaway, where no one else can join and be a contributor.This means that the people who are on there, who are contributors, are responsible for generating all the traffic to the giveaway and there is a WordPress plug-in that you can use to host your own private giveaways called WP Venture.

So go do a search on Google for WP Venture and it’s being sold on the
Warrior Forum for chump change, as a Warrior Special Offer. A giveaway is where a group of contributors come together and submit their gifts. People who come and join the giveaway as members are going to opt in to different giveaways and this will add subscribers to your list.

If you’ve been around for awhile, you no doubt know what JV giveaways are, and I’m not going to dwell on what JV giveaways are or how they can build good business for you because you can go to a place like and find out all you need to know about giveaways freely on the net.

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